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Foodie - Celebrity Club Restaurant

To start they are decorated for Christmas, so it was a great atmosphere. The menu has limited options but a nice variety. We ordered the crab cakes to start the meal off right. They were not bad, great texture and no shell pieces found. Sauce was a little tangy for me. For dinner

I really wanted the Steakhouse stroganoff but it was 86 for the evening. They do make their noodles on site. We ordered what our waiter said was the best options, skillet fried chicken. You get 1/2 a chicken, breast, thigh, leg and a wing. Mashed potatoes and gravy. We also had the alfredo with chicken. To start the flavor on the chicken was excellent. Thin and crispy. The breast was a little dry, possibly over cooked but it was all good. The alfredo with the home made noodles was excellent. Just know the on-line menu is not up to date. Over all the experience wasn't bad, the dinning room was loud and hard to hear one another talking if you didn't lean in to hear. They have a piano player that sits in the bar area where there are tables and dining patrons. You could hear the music along with all of the voices. The food was good enough to give it another try and sample another dish. For two of us it was just under a "C" note.

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