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The home buying process

So you are thinking of purchasing a home.  It doesn't matter if this is your first home or subsequent purchase, using an agent is vital to your success.


Keep in mind, using an agent cost you nothing as a buyer. 


So it is in your best interest to find an agent that you like, can trust and comes with recommendations.  There are literally 100's of agents to choose from.  First steps first, talk to a few and find an agent that is in the business "Full Time."  Make sure they communicate easily with you and are prompt getting back in touch.  There are several steps in the process and communication will be key.

Through the process your agent will become a trusted friend, so make sure who you choose is someone that you mesh with easily.  It will make a huge difference.

The buying process can be stressful, time consuming, exciting and fun all at the same time!  



Some basic steps.

Get Pre-qualified!


This way you can see how much you are able to spend and you will be ready when you find the right house. 


Understand Your Cost.  

Your agent will help you understand all of the cost that are part of purchasing a house.  Closing cost, home warranties, repairs, etc.

Money Needed.  Earnest Money, Appraisal Fees and Inspections.  These are all up front cost you need to be ready to incur. 


Other cost depending on the loan type; your down payment and escrow set up.  These are numbers you can get from your lender.  

First Time Home Buyer Videos

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