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Lending and Home Mortgages


Lending is just as important as who you use as your real estate agent.  There are so many options out there  and picking the right one isn't easy.  Everyone can refer you to someone they used "once."  One experience doesn't always give you a true picture.


Below are two highly trusted lender options.  These two options have proven themselves to me through the test of time and experience.   Between the two they offer some great options.  How they handle the loans is different which gives you advantages.  

Before you select a lender make sure you call and visit with them first.  Get a feel of their communication style as well as how responsive they are with you.  If you can never get them on the phone, chances are no one else will be able to either.  Test the waters.  See how quickly they return the call.  Send a question though email and find out the response time there as well.  

If your experience up front is not promising then how's it going to be in the long run getting important tasks completed.  Lack of communication and mistakes can cost you money


The two options below: 

Cornerstone lending services the majority of their own loans.  This gives them an advantage with less red tape and hoops to jump through.  Plus they see the closing date on the contract as a true deadline and not just a date.  The chances of closing on time with Cornerstone is 99.9%.   

Motto Mortgage has several banks competing for their business.  In most cases they are able to find better loan options for you.  You hear the ol' adage, when banks compete everyone wins.  Well competition often delivers a better rate than the other guys.

No matter how you look at it, do some research.  Google and see what others are saying.  I have often taken a client from another lender and moved them over to one of these two options and successfully achieved the closing.

Not all lenders are created equal.  Talk to your real estate professional and let them know what you are looking for and then do a little research for yourself.  It will pay off in the long run and make all the difference in the over all process of the transaction.

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