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Teacher nominations for Owasso Area

It has been on my heart for some time now to start this scholarship program for our teachers.  Just about every community meeting or event I attend the teacher discussion is brought to the forefront.  

We have outstanding men and women teaching our children.  The fact that teacher pay is low in Oklahoma sparks the need in me to do what I can to help.  A few years ago I was visiting with an agent, they had started this very program in a different state.  From that conversation I knew this was something that needed to happen.  The goal is to provide a $500 scholarship twice a year.  Once at the beginning of the year and another during the 2nd half of the school year.

The nomination process for the 2019/2020 school year begins October 1st 2019 and February 1st 2020.  An open window to nominate will exist for 2 weeks.  The top 4 nominations will then be notified and a voting time frame will begin for one week.  The winning teacher will then be awarded the $500 scholarship for their classroom to be used as they see fit.  Presentation of the scholarship will be during the end of October and Feburary.  For 2019/20 Titan Title & Closing with be one of our sponsors in the endeavor of Giving Back!

Currently this is for the Owasso and Collinsville area schools.  My desire is to support the community where I live, work and play.   

To nominate have a short essay or information ready to share about the teacher you are nominating.  You can upload a file if you have it already typed out.  If you have any questions, please message me through the contact option.  Thank you for participating.   

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My Promise to You


By nominating a teacher you will not be placed on a mailing list or contacted about real estate.  This is solely to give back to the community and support our teachers.    

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